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Технические характеристики

  • Size 6200 … 9801
  • Collapse pressure rating range 10 ... 210 bar
  • Pressure differential 210 bar
  • Filter rating 1 µm
  • Operating temperature range -30 … +100 °C
  • Filtermedien aus Glasfasermaterial, Filterpapier, Drahtgewebe für zahlreiche Anwendungsgebiete
  • Reinigbare Filtermedien aus Drahtgewebe
  • Achievable oil purity up to ISO 12/8/3 (ISO 4406)
  • Hohe Schmutzaufnahme und Filtrationsleistung durch mehrlagige Glasfasertechnik bei gleichzeitig niedrigem Anfangsdifferenzdruck (ISO 3968)
  • Filterelemente mit hoher Differrenzdruckstabilität





6200, 6300, 6400, 8300, 8304, 8310, 8400, 8500, 8700, 8800, 8900, 9020, 9021, 9100, 9400, 9600, 9601, 9800, 9801

Filter rating / mesh size

1 µm

Ambient temperature range

-30 … +65 °C

Operating temperature range

-30 … +100 °C


Cover of the filter element

Steel, aluminum or plastic (depending on the version)

Base of the filter element

Steel, aluminum or plastic (depending on the version)

Support tube of the filter element






6200, 6300, 6400, 8300, 8304, 8310, 8400, 8500, 8700, 8800, 8900 9020 9021 9100 9400 9600 9601 9800 9801

Filtration direction

From the outside to the inside

Collapse pressure rating range

10 ... 210 bar

Maximum pressure differential

10 bar 20 bar 210 bar 20 bar 10 bar 20 bar 210 bar 20 bar 210 bar

Minimum conductivity of the medium

300 pS/m

Hydraulic fluid temperature range

-20 … +100 °C

Important information on hydraulic fluids!

For more information and data on the use of other hydraulic fluids, please refer to data sheet 90220 or contact us!
Flame-resistant – containing water: Due to possible chemical reactions with materials or surface coatings of machine and system components, the service life with these hydraulic fluids may be less than expected. Filter materials made of filter paper P must not be used, filter elements with glass fiber material have to be used instead.
Bio-degradable: If filter materials made of filter paper are used, the filter life may be shorter than expected due to material incompatibility and swelling.

For applications outside these parameters, please consult us!

Hydraulic fluid


Suitable sealing materials

Suitable adhesive


Mineral oil




DIN 51424


Insoluble in water



VDMA 24568



Soluble in water



VDMA 24568





VDMA 24317

Containing water



DIN 24320





VDMA 24317



Special “H”

Заказной код


R928019931 16.6200/R PWR10-E00-0-M
R928045422 16.6200/S H10XL-E00-0-M
R928047367 16.6200/S H20XL-E00-0-M
R928036929 16.6200/S H6XL-E00-0-M
R928045423 16.6200/S PWR3-E00-0-M
R928016642 16.6300/S H20XL-S00-0-M
R928016636 16.6300/S H6XL-S00-0-M
R928016639 16.6300/S PWR10-S00-0-M
R928045424 16.6300/T PWR10-S00-0-M
R928016637 16.6300/U H6XL-S00-0-M
R928041921 16.6400/S H10XL-S00-0-M
R928037843 16.6400/T H10XL-S00-0-M
R928037844 16.6400/T H10XL-S00-0-V
R928052846 16.6400/T H6XL-S00-0-M
R928025542 16.6400/T PWR3-S00-0-V
R928045425 16.6400/U H10XL-S00-0-M
R928025797 16.6400/U H6XL-S00-0-M
R928045426 16.6400/U PWR3-S00-0-M
R928041343 16.6400/V H10XL-S00-0-M
R928045427 16.6400/V H6XL-S00-0-M
R928049869 16.6400/V PWR3-S00-0-M
R928016660 16.7400/R H10XL-S00-0-M
R928016662 16.7400/R H20XL-S00-0-M
R928016656 16.7400/R H3XL-S00-0-M
R928016658 16.7400/R H6XL-S00-0-M
R928040870 16.7400/R PWR1-S00-0-M
R928016661 16.7400/S H10XL-S00-0-M
R928016669 16.7400/S H10XL-S00-0-V
R928016663 16.7400/S H20XL-S00-0-M
R928016657 16.7400/S PWR3-S00-0-M
R928016676 16.7500/R H10XL-S00-0-M
R928016678 16.7500/R H20XL-S00-0-M
R928016674 16.7500/R H6XL-S00-0-M
R928019959 16.7500/R P10-S00-0-M
R928022817 16.7500/R P10-S00-0-M/WL
R928016672 16.7500/R PWR3-S00-0-M
R928038571 16.7500/S AS10-S00-0-M
R928036259 16.7500/S AS20-S00-0-M
R928016679 16.7500/S H20XL-S00-0-M
R928016675 16.7500/S H6XL-S00-0-M
R928038028 16.7500/S P10-S00-0-M
R928038526 16.7500/S PWR1-S00-0-M
R928016677 16.7500/S PWR10-S00-0-M
R928016673 16.7500/S PWR3-S00-0-M
R928016706 16.8300/S H10XL-S00-0-V
R928016709 16.8300/S H20XL-S00-0-V
R928016691 16.8300/S H6XL-S00-0-M
R928016694 16.8300/S PWR10-S00-0-M
R928016688 16.8300/S PWR3-S00-0-M
R928016700 16.8300/S PWR3-S00-0-V
R928054368 16.8300/U G100-S00-0-V
R928045430 16.8300/U G25-S00-0-M
R928016698 16.8300/U H20XL-S00-0-M
R928016692 16.8300/U H6XL-S00-0-M
R928045431 16.8300/U PWR1-S00-0-M
R928016695 16.8300/U PWR10-S00-0-M
R928016707 16.8300/U PWR10-S00-0-V
R928048880 16.8300/U PWR10-S00-0-V/SS
R928016689 16.8300/U PWR3-S00-0-M
R928016701 16.8300/U PWR3-S00-0-V
R928044516 16.8300/X AS20-S00-0-M
R928055394 16.8300/X G60-S00-0-M
R928016696 16.8300/X H10XL-S00-0-M
R928016699 16.8300/X H20XL-S00-0-M
R928016711 16.8300/X H20XL-S00-0-V
R928016693 16.8300/X H6XL-S00-0-M
R928016705 16.8300/X H6XL-S00-0-V
R928036346 16.8300/X PWR1-A00-0-M
R928045433 16.8300/X PWR1-S00-0-M
R928016708 16.8300/X PWR10-S00-0-V
R928053264 16.8300/X PWR3-J00-0-M
R928016690 16.8300/X PWR3-S00-0-M
R928016702 16.8300/X PWR3-S00-0-V
R928045434 16.8304/N H6XL-S00-0-M
R928051519 16.8304/N PWR10-S00-0-M
R928016721 16.8304/S H20XL-S00-0-M
R928045435 16.8304/T PWR3-S00-0-M
R928016722 16.8304/U H20XL-S00-0-M
R928016716 16.8304/U H6XL-S00-0-M
R928016719 16.8304/U PWR10-S00-0-M
R928016713 16.8304/U PWR3-S00-0-M
R928045436 16.8304/X H1XL5-S00-0-M
R928016723 16.8304/X H20XL-S00-0-M
R928016717 16.8304/X H6XL-S00-0-M
R928045437 16.8304/X PWR1-S00-0-M
R928016720 16.8304/X PWR10-S00-0-M
R928016714 16.8304/X PWR3-S00-0-M
R928016737 16.8310/X H6XL-S00-0-M
R928016736 16.8310/X PWR3-S00-0-M
R928016752 16.8400/S PWR10-S00-0-M
R928016768 16.8400/S PWR10-S00-0-V
R928016744 16.8400/S PWR3-S00-0-M
R928016760 16.8400/S PWR3-S00-0-V
R928016757 16.8400/U H20XL-S00-0-M
R928016749 16.8400/U H6XL-S00-0-M
R928016753 16.8400/U PWR10-S00-0-M
R928016745 16.8400/U PWR3-S00-0-M
R928016750 16.8400/V H6XL-S00-0-M
R928016766 16.8400/V H6XL-S00-0-V
R928016754 16.8400/V PWR10-S00-0-M
R928016759 16.8400/X H20XL-S00-0-M
R928016751 16.8400/X H6XL-S00-0-M
R928016755 16.8400/X PWR10-S00-0-M
R928016747 16.8400/X PWR3-S00-0-M
R928016785 16.8500/S H20XL-S00-0-M
R928016779 16.8500/S H6XL-S00-0-M
R928016782 16.8500/S PWR10-S00-0-M
R928016776 16.8500/S PWR3-S00-0-M
R928049361 16.8500/S PWR3-S00-0-M/FP
R928016780 16.8500/T H6XL-S00-0-M
R928016783 16.8500/T PWR10-S00-0-M
R928016777 16.8500/T PWR3-S00-0-M
R928016787 16.8500/V H20XL-S00-0-M
R928016781 16.8500/V H6XL-S00-0-M
R928016784 16.8500/V PWR10-S00-0-M
R928016778 16.8500/V PWR3-S00-0-M
R928016806 16.8700/R H20XL-S00-0-M
R928016802 16.8700/R H6XL-S00-0-M
R928016804 16.8700/R PWR10-S00-0-M
R928016812 16.8700/R PWR10-S00-0-V
R928053592 16.8700/R PWR10-S0Z-0-M
R928016800 16.8700/R PWR3-S00-0-M
R928016807 16.8700/S H20XL-S00-0-M
R928016801 16.8700/S H3XL-S00-0-M
R928016803 16.8700/S H6XL-S00-0-M
R928016805 16.8700/S PWR10-S00-0-M
R928016813 16.8700/S PWR10-S00-0-V
R928038209 16.8800/U PWR3-S00-0-M
R928016851 16.8900/S H20XL-S00-0-V
R928016821 16.8900/S H6XL-S00-0-M
R928016826 16.8900/S PWR10-S00-0-M
R928016846 16.8900/S PWR10-S00-0-V
R928016822 16.8900/T H6XL-S00-0-M
R928016827 16.8900/T PWR10-S00-0-M
R928048882 16.8900/T PWR10-S00-0-M/SS
R928016817 16.8900/T PWR3-S00-0-M
R928016833 16.8900/U H20XL-S00-0-M
R928016823 16.8900/U H6XL-S00-0-M
R928016828 16.8900/U PWR10-S00-0-M
R928016848 16.8900/U PWR10-S00-0-V
R928016818 16.8900/U PWR3-S00-0-M
R928016834 16.8900/V H20XL-S00-0-M
R928016824 16.8900/V H6XL-S00-0-M
R928016844 16.8900/V H6XL-S00-0-V
R928016829 16.8900/V PWR10-S00-0-M
R928041458 16.8900/X G25-S00-0-M
R928016835 16.8900/X H20XL-S00-0-M
R928016825 16.8900/X H6XL-S00-0-M
R928016830 16.8900/X PWR10-S00-0-M
R928016820 16.8900/X PWR3-S00-0-M
R928025490 16.8904/V H10XL-S00-0-M
R928055466 16.8904/X H10XL-S00-0-M
R928016860 16.9020/R H10XL-E00-0-M
R928016862 16.9020/R H20XL-E00-0-M
R928016858 16.9020/R H6XL-E00-0-M
R928016868 16.9020/R PWR10-E00-0-V
R928016856 16.9020/R PWR3-E00-0-M
R928016864 16.9020/R PWR3-E00-0-V
R928016863 16.9020/S H20XL-E00-0-M
R928016859 16.9020/S H6XL-E00-0-M
R928034692 16.9020/S PWR1-E00-0-V
R928016861 16.9020/S PWR10-E00-0-M
R928016869 16.9020/S PWR10-E00-0-V
R928016857 16.9020/S PWR3-E00-0-M
R928016865 16.9020/S PWR3-E00-0-V
R928016878 16.9021/R H20XL-F00-0-M
R928016886 16.9021/R H20XL-F00-0-V
R928016874 16.9021/R H6XL-F00-0-M
R928016876 16.9021/R PWR10-F00-0-M
R928016884 16.9021/R PWR10-F00-0-V
R928016872 16.9021/R PWR3-F00-0-M
R928049363 16.9021/R PWR3-F00-0-M/FP
R928016879 16.9021/S H20XL-F00-0-M
R928016887 16.9021/S H20XL-F00-0-V
R928016875 16.9021/S H6XL-F00-0-M
R928016877 16.9021/S PWR10-F00-0-M
R928016873 16.9021/S PWR3-F00-0-M
R928016891 16.9100/R H20XL-E00-0-M
R928053709 16.9100/R H20XL-E00-0-M/KM
R928016889 16.9100/R H6XL-E00-0-M
R928053547 16.9100/R H6XL-E00-0-M/KM
R928016890 16.9100/R PWR10-E00-0-M
R928016894 16.9100/R PWR10-E00-0-V
R928016888 16.9100/R PWR3-E00-0-M
R928016899 16.9100/S H20XL-E00-0-M
R928016897 16.9100/S H6XL-E00-0-M
R928016901 16.9100/S H6XL-E00-0-V
R928040603 16.9100/S PWR1-E00-0-M
R928016898 16.9100/S PWR10-E00-0-M
R928016896 16.9100/S PWR3-E00-0-M
R928016907 16.9100/T H20XL-E00-0-M
R928016904 16.9100/T H3XL-E00-0-M
R928016905 16.9100/T H6XL-E00-0-M
R928016906 16.9100/T PWR10-E00-0-M
R928045439 16.9101/S PWR10-F00-0-M
R928035113 16.9101/S PWR3-F00-0-M
R928037096 16.9101/T PWR10-F00-0-M
R928049518 16.9101/T PWR3-F00-0-M
R928016925 16.9400/T H20XL-S00-0-M
R928016922 16.9400/V H10XL-S00-0-M
R928016926 16.9400/V H20XL-S00-0-M
R928016914 16.9400/V H3XL-S00-0-M
R928016918 16.9400/V H6XL-S00-0-M
R928035961 16.9400/V H6XL-S00-0-M/PL
R928016923 16.9400/X H10XL-S00-0-M
R928031817 16.9600/R G100-E00-0-M
R928016952 16.9600/R H10XL-E00-0-M
R928016968 16.9600/R H10XL-E00-0-V
R928016956 16.9600/R H20XL-E00-0-M
R928016972 16.9600/R H20XL-E00-0-V
R928016948 16.9600/R H6XL-E00-0-M
R928016964 16.9600/R H6XL-E00-0-V
R928040880 16.9600/R PWR1-E00-0-M
R928016944 16.9600/R PWR3-E00-0-M
R928027962 16.9600/S G25-E00-0-M
R928045440 16.9600/S G250-E00-0-M/WE
R928019439 16.9600/S G60-E00-0-M
R928016953 16.9600/S H10XL-E00-0-M
R928016969 16.9600/S H10XL-E00-0-V
R928016957 16.9600/S H20XL-E00-0-M
R928039754 16.9600/S H20XL-E00-0-M/LY
R928016973 16.9600/S H20XL-E00-0-V
R928016949 16.9600/S H6XL-E00-0-M
R928049360 16.9600/S H6XL-E00-0-M/FP
R928016965 16.9600/S H6XL-E00-0-V
R928016945 16.9600/S PWR3-E00-0-M
R928016961 16.9600/S PWR3-E00-0-V
R928034693 16.9600/T AS20-E00-0-M
R928054486 16.9600/T G100-E00-0-M
R928036044 16.9600/T G100-E00-0-V
R928040993 16.9600/T G130-E00-0-V
R928045444 16.9600/T G25-E00-0-V
R928045445 16.9600/T G25-EHV-0-V
R928028286 16.9600/T G40-E00-0-V
R928048502 16.9600/T G500-E00-0-V
R928045446 16.9600/T G60-E00-0-M
R928051728 16.9600/T G60-E00-0-V
R928016954 16.9600/T H10XL-E00-0-M
R928039805 16.9600/T H10XL-E00-0-M/LY
R928016970 16.9600/T H10XL-E00-0-V
R928016958 16.9600/T H20XL-E00-0-M
R928016974 16.9600/T H20XL-E00-0-V
R928016950 16.9600/T H6XL-E00-0-M
R928016966 16.9600/T H6XL-E00-0-V
R928045447 16.9600/T PWR1-E00-0-M
R928016946 16.9600/T PWR3-E00-0-M
R928016962 16.9600/T PWR3-E00-0-V
R928038420 16.9600/U G10-E00-0-M
R928016955 16.9600/U H10XL-E00-0-M
R928016971 16.9600/U H10XL-E00-0-V
R928016959 16.9600/U H20XL-E00-0-M
R928016951 16.9600/U H6XL-E00-0-M
R928016947 16.9600/U PWR3-E00-0-M
R928016988 16.9601/R H20XL-F00-0-M
R928017004 16.9601/R H20XL-F00-0-V
R928016980 16.9601/R H6XL-F00-0-M
R928016984 16.9601/R PWR10-F00-0-M
R928016976 16.9601/R PWR3-F00-0-M
R928016992 16.9601/R PWR3-F00-0-V
R928016985 16.9601/S H10XL-F00-0-M
R928017001 16.9601/S H10XL-F00-0-V
R928016989 16.9601/S H20XL-F00-0-M
R928017005 16.9601/S H20XL-F00-0-V
R928016981 16.9601/S H6XL-F00-0-M
R928034664 16.9601/S H6XL-F00-0-M/MA
R928016977 16.9601/S PWR3-F00-0-M
R928016993 16.9601/S PWR3-F00-0-V
R928035779 16.9601/T H16XL-F00-0-M
R928016990 16.9601/T H20XL-F00-0-M
R928016978 16.9601/T H3XL-F00-0-M
R928016982 16.9601/T H6XL-F00-0-M
R928016986 16.9601/T PWR10-F00-0-M
R928017002 16.9601/T PWR10-F00-0-V
R928016994 16.9601/T PWR3-F00-0-V
R928016991 16.9601/U H20XL-F00-0-M
R928016983 16.9601/U H6XL-F00-0-M
R928016987 16.9601/U PWR10-F00-0-M
R928016979 16.9601/U PWR3-F00-0-M
R928016995 16.9601/U PWR3-F00-0-V
R928039924 16.9650/S PWR3-E00-0-M
R928035023 16.9650/T H10XL-E00-0-M
R928037098 16.9650/U H10XL-E00-0-M
R928038965 16.9650/U H6XL-E00-0-M
R928037846 16.9650/U PWR3-E00-0-M
R928049645 16.9700/1 H20XL-E00-0-M
R928053907 16.9700/1 H6XL-E00-0-M
R928049615 16.9700/1 P10-E00-0-M
R928022724 16.9700/1 PWR10-E00-0-M
R928046827 16.9700/1 PWR3-E00-0-M
R928040784 16.9700/2 H6XL-E00-0-M
R928038455 16.9700/2 H6XL-E00-0-V
R928039820 16.9700/2 PWR10-E00-0-M
R928036694 16.9700/2 PWR10-E00-0-V
R928046849 16.9700/2 PWR3-E00-0-M
R928041562 16.9700/3 H6XL-E00-0-M
R928044774 16.9700/3 PWR10-E00-0-M
R928055494 16.9700/3 PWR3-E00-0-M
R928017014 16.9800/R H10XL-E00-0-M
R928017017 16.9800/R H20XL-E00-0-M
R928017011 16.9800/R H6XL-E00-0-M
R928017026 16.9800/R PWR10-E00-0-V
R928017008 16.9800/R PWR3-E00-0-M
R928019958 16.9800/S G60-E00-0-M
R928017018 16.9800/S H20XL-E00-0-M
R928017012 16.9800/S H6XL-E00-0-M
R928017015 16.9800/S PWR10-E00-0-M
R928017027 16.9800/S PWR10-E00-0-V
R928017009 16.9800/S PWR3-E00-0-M
R928017013 16.9800/T H6XL-E00-0-M
R928017016 16.9800/T PWR10-E00-0-M
R928017028 16.9800/T PWR10-E00-0-V
R928017010 16.9800/T PWR3-E00-0-M
R928017041 16.9801/R H20XL-F00-0-M
R928017053 16.9801/R H20XL-F00-0-V
R928017032 16.9801/R H3XL-F00-0-M
R928017038 16.9801/R PWR10-F00-0-M
R928017042 16.9801/S H20XL-F00-0-M
R928017054 16.9801/S H20XL-F00-0-V
R928017036 16.9801/S H6XL-F00-0-M
R928017039 16.9801/S PWR10-F00-0-M
R928017051 16.9801/S PWR10-F00-0-V
R928017033 16.9801/S PWR3-F00-0-M
R928017045 16.9801/S PWR3-F00-0-V
R928017043 16.9801/T H20XL-F00-0-M
R928017040 16.9801/T PWR10-F00-0-M
R928017034 16.9801/T PWR3-F00-0-M
R928045453 16.9901/V G25-F00-0-M
R928045454 16.9901/V H20XL-F00-0-M
R928054225 16.9901/V PWR3-F00-0-M
R928040843 16.9901/X H20XL-F00-0-M
R928041867 16.9901/X PWR3-F00-0-M