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Технические характеристики

  • Size 30, 60, 110, 160, 240, 330, 500, 660, 850, 950, 1300, 2600, 30LA, 60LA, 75LA, 110LA, 160LA, 165LA, 4071LA, 240LA, 280LA, 330LA, 500LA, 660LA, 850LA, 950LA, 1300LA, 1700LA, 2600LA
  • Pressure differential 210 bar
  • Filter rating 1 µm
  • Filtermedien aus Glasfasermaterial, Filterpapier, Drahtgewebe, Vliesstoff für zahlreiche Anwendungsgebiete
  • Reinigbare Filtermedien aus Drahtgewebe
  • Achievable oil purity up to ISO 12/8/3 (ISO 4406)
  • Hohe Schmutzaufnahme und Filtrationsleistung durch mehrlagige Glasfasertechnik bei gleichzeitig niedrigem Anfangsdifferenzdruck (ISO 3968)
  • Extended product range for non-mineral oil based fluids (HFC-/HFA-resistant)
  • Filterelemente mit hoher Differrenzdruckstabilität



10. 10. 10. 10.


30, 60, 110, 160, 240, 330, 500, 660, 850, 950 1300 2600 30LA, 60LA, 75LA, 110LA, 160LA, 165LA, 4071LA, 240LA, 280LA, 330LA, 500LA, 660LA, 850LA, 950LA, 1300LA, 1700LA, 2600LA

Filter rating / mesh size

1 µm

Ambient temperature range

-10 … +65 °C

Operating temperature range

-10 … +100 °C -10 °C -10 … +100 °C

Storage temperature range 1)


-40 ... +65 °C

Storage temperature range 1)


-20 ... +65 °C


Cover of the filter element

Tin-coated steel

Base of the filter element

Aluminum / polyamide

Support tube of the filter element

Tin-coated steel



1) max. relative air humidity 65 %



30, 60, 110, 160, 240, 330, 500, 660, 850, 950, 1300, 2600, 30LA, 60LA, 75LA, 110LA, 160LA, 165LA, 4071LA, 240LA, 280LA, 330LA, 500LA, 660LA, 850LA, 950LA, 1300LA, 1700LA, 2600LA

Filtration direction

From the outside to the inside

Maximum pressure differential

210 bar

Minimum conductivity of the medium

300 pS/m

Important information on hydraulic fluids!

For more information and data on the use of other hydraulic fluids, please refer to data sheet 90220 or contact us!
Flame-resistant – containing water: Due to possible chemical reactions with materials or surface coatings of machine and system components, the service life with these hydraulic fluids may be less than expected. Filter materials made of filter paper P must not be used, filter elements with glass fiber material have to be used instead.
Bio-degradable: If filter materials made of filter paper are used, the filter life may be shorter than expected due to material incompatibility and swelling.

For applications outside these parameters, please consult us!

Hydraulic fluid


Suitable sealing materials

Suitable adhesive


Mineral oil




DIN 51424


Insoluble in water



VDMA 24568



Soluble in water



VDMA 24568





VDMA 24317

Containing water



DIN 24320





VDMA 24317



Special “H”

Заказной код


R928019339 10.0178 AS3V1-A00-6-M
R928035355 10.0278 H16XL-A00-6-M
R928035521 10.0278 H20-A00-6-M
R928025187 10.0511 PWR10-A00-6-M
R928017465 10.110 G10-A00-6-M
R928049656 10.110 G100-A00-6-M
R928055380 10.110 G200-A00-6-M
R928017463 10.110 G25-A00-6-M
R928038370 10.110 G25-A00-6-V
R928045345 10.110 G40-A00-6-M
R928017472 10.110 H20XL-A00-6-M
R928017474 10.110 H6XL-A00-6-M
R928048290 10.110 M10-A00-6-M
R928017466 10.110 M5-A00-6-M
R928017469 10.110 P10-A00-6-M
R928017473 10.110 PWR10-A00-6-M
R928045346 10.110LA G10-A00-6-V
R928048095 10.110LA G100-A00-6-M
R928037462 10.110LA G25-A00-0-M
R928017481 10.110LA G25-A00-6-M
R928022630 10.110LA G40-A00-6-M
R928017483 10.110LA H10XL-A00-6-M SO3000
R928017482 10.110LA H20XL-A00-6-M SO3000
R928037699 10.110LA H20XL-A00-B6-M SO3000
R928017484 10.110LA H6XL-A00-6-M SO3000
R928041075 10.110LA H6XL-A00-6-V SO3000
R928047397 10.110LA P10-A00-B6-M
R928036061 10.110LA P25-A00-B6-M
R928022556 10.110LA PWR10-A00-6-V SO3000
R928038037 10.110LA PWR3-A00-0-M SO3000
R928017485 10.110LA PWR3-A00-6-M SO3000
R928017649 10.1300 G10-A00-6-M
R928045347 10.1300 G100-A00-6-M
R928039021 10.1300 G100-A00-B6-M
R928017647 10.1300 G25-A00-6-M
R928045348 10.1300 G40-A00-6-M
R928017656 10.1300 H20XL-A00-6-M
R928041034 10.1300 M10-A00-6-M
R928017653 10.1300 P10-A00-6-M
R928017652 10.1300 P25-A00-6-M
R928017657 10.1300 PWR10-A00-6-M
R928017659 10.1300 PWR3-A00-6-M
R928022482 10.1300LA AS10-A00-6-V SO3000
R928048756 10.1300LA AS3-A00-0-M SO3000
R928047810 10.1300LA AS6-A00-0-M SO3000
R928045361 10.1300LA G10-A00-0-M
R928038856 10.1300LA G100-A00-6-M
R928040907 10.1300LA G100-A00-B6-M
R928034679 10.1300LA G25-A00-0-M
R928017665 10.1300LA G25-A00-6-M
R928040908 10.1300LA G25-A00-B6-M
R928036249 10.1300LA G40-A00-0-M
R928028151 10.1300LA G40-A00-6-M
R928034700 10.1300LA H20XL-A00-0-M SO3000
R928049324 10.1300LA H20XL-A00-0-V SO3000
R928017666 10.1300LA H20XL-A00-6-M SO3000
R928036142 10.1300LA H20XL-A00-6-V SO3000
R928039013 10.1300LA H20XL-A00-B6-M SO3000
R928019344 10.1300LA H3V2-A00-0-M SO3000
R928022935 10.1300LA H6XL-A00-0-M SO3000
R928053936 10.1300LA H6XL-A00-0-V SO3000
R928017668 10.1300LA H6XL-A00-6-M SO3000
R928019232 10.1300LA H6XL-A00-6-V SO3000
R928038306 10.1300LA H6XL-A00-B6-M SO3000
R928025245 10.1300LA P10-A00-B1-M
R928017664 10.1300LA P25-A00-6-M
R928040539 10.1300LA PWR1-A00-6-M SO3000
R928019099 10.1300LA PWR10-A00-0-M SO3000
R928053845 10.1300LA PWR10-A00-0-V SO3000
R928017667 10.1300LA PWR10-A00-6-M SO3000
R928019233 10.1300LA PWR10-A00-6-V SO3000
R928025244 10.1300LA PWR10-A00-B1-M SO3000
R928023948 10.1300LA PWR10-A00-B6-M SO3000
R928022841 10.1300LA PWR3-A00-0-M SO3000
R928047883 10.1300LA PWR3-A00-0-V SO3000
R928017669 10.1300LA PWR3-A00-6-M SO3000
R928038307 10.1300LA PWR3-A00-B6-M SO3000
R928017488 10.160 G10-A00-6-M
R928028957 10.160 G100-A00-6-M
R928017486 10.160 G25-A00-6-M
R928017495 10.160 H20XL-A00-6-M
R928040668 10.160 M10-A00-6-M
R928017492 10.160 P10-A00-6-M
R928017491 10.160 P25-A00-6-M
R928017493 10.160 P5-A00-6-M
R928017496 10.160 PWR10-A00-6-M
R928041933 10.160LA G100-A00-6-M
R928017504 10.160LA G25-A00-6-M
R928041074 10.160LA G25-A00-6-V
R928054351 10.160LA G40-A00-0-M
R928054352 10.160LA G40-A00-0-V
R928048334 10.160LA G60-A00-6-M
R928017506 10.160LA H10XL-A00-6-M SO3000
R928055437 10.160LA H10XL-A00-6-M/OR
R928022429 10.160LA H10XL-A00-6-V SO3000
R928041144 10.160LA H10XL-A00-B6-M SO3000
R928054779 10.160LA H20XL-A00-0-M SO3000
R928017505 10.160LA H20XL-A00-6-M SO3000
R928017507 10.160LA H6XL-A00-6-M SO3000
R928041954 10.160LA H6XL-A00-6-V SO3000
R928037848 10.160LA P10-A00-6-M
R928053364 10.160LA P10-A00-6-V
R928017503 10.160LA P25-A00-6-M
R928017508 10.160LA PWR3-A00-6-M SO3000
R928053990 10.160LA PWR3-A00-6-V SO3000
R928037223 10.165LA AS10-A00-6-M SO3000
R928019035 10.165LA H10XL-A00-6-M SO3000
R928022469 10.165LA H10XL-A00-6-V SO3000
R928019034 10.165LA H20XL-A00-6-M SO3000
R928019196 10.165LA H6XL-A00-6-M SO3000
R928053928 10.165LA H6XL-A00-6-V SO3000
R928038921 10.165LA P10-A00-6-M
R928054548 10.165LA P25-A00-6-M
R928019191 10.165LA PWR3-A00-6-M SO3000
R928046982 10.1700LA G100-A00-6-M
R928052975 10.1700LA G25-A00-0-M
R928047654 10.1700LA G40-A00-6-M
R928041822 10.1700LA H10XL-A00-0-M SO3000
R928019880 10.1700LA H10XL-A00-6-M SO3000
R928048813 10.1700LA H10XL-A00-6-V SO3000
R928019317 10.1700LA H20XL-A00-6-M SO3000
R928041823 10.1700LA H6XL-A00-0-M SO3000
R928035114 10.1700LA H6XL-A00-6-M SO3000
R928044624 10.1700LA H6XL-A00-6-V SO3000
R928046981 10.1700LA PWR3-A00-0-M SO3000
R928038240 10.1700LA PWR3-A00-6-M SO3000
R928049379 10.185LA H10XL-A00-6-M/FP
R928017511 10.240 G10-A00-6-M
R928017509 10.240 G25-A00-6-M
R928056539 10.240 G40-A00-0-M
R928036398 10.240 G40-A00-6-M
R928017518 10.240 H20XL-A00-6-M
R928017520 10.240 H6XL-A00-6-M
R928017512 10.240 M5-A00-6-M
R928017515 10.240 P10-A00-6-M
R928017519 10.240 PWR10-A00-6-M
R928046984 10.240LA G100-A00-0-M
R928022715 10.240LA G25-A00-0-M
R928017527 10.240LA G25-A00-6-M
R928045351 10.240LA G40-A00-6-M
R928044437 10.240LA G40-A00-B6-M
R928048051 10.240LA G60-A00-0-M
R928055406 10.240LA G60-A00-6-M
R928045364 10.240LA H10XL-A00-0-M SO3000
R928017529 10.240LA H10XL-A00-6-M SO3000
R928022433 10.240LA H10XL-A00-6-V SO3000
R928018887 10.240LA H10XL-A00-B6-M SO3000
R928017528 10.240LA H20XL-A00-6-M SO3000
R928022716 10.240LA H20XL-A00-6-V SO3000
R928017530 10.240LA H6XL-A00-6-M SO3000
R928053365 10.240LA H6XL-A00-6-V SO3000
R928018900 10.240LA H6XL-A00-B6-M SO3000
R928047208 10.240LA P10-A00-6-M
R928017526 10.240LA P25-A00-6-M
R928017531 10.240LA PWR3-A00-6-M SO3000
R928047527 10.2600 G100-A00-6-M
R928017670 10.2600 G25-A00-6-M
R928035841 10.2600 G40-A00-6-M
R928041006 10.2600 M10-A00-6-M
R928017676 10.2600 P10-A00-6-M
R928053693 10.2600LA AS10-A00-B6-M SO3000
R928041564 10.2600LA AS3-A00-6-M SO3000
R928053179 10.2600LA G10 -A00-6-M
R928055447 10.2600LA G100-A00-0-M
R928051851 10.2600LA G100-A00-6-M
R928017688 10.2600LA G25 -A00-6-M
R928049775 10.2600LA G25-A00-0-M
R928053251 10.2600LA G25-A00-6-V
R928049620 10.2600LA G40-A00-0-M
R928048630 10.2600LA G40-A00-6-M
R928037377 10.2600LA H10XL-A00-B6-M SO3000
R928027916 10.2600LA H20XL-A00-0-M SO3000
R928017689 10.2600LA H20XL-A00-6-M SO3000
R928047462 10.2600LA H20XL-A00-6-V SO3000
R928041008 10.2600LA H20XL-A00-B6-M SO3000
R928028268 10.2600LA H3XL-A00-0-M SO3000
R928054761 10.2600LA H3XL-A00-0-V SO3000
R928017692 10.2600LA H3XL-A00-6-M SO3000
R928037379 10.2600LA H3XL-A00-B6-M SO3000
R928022585 10.2600LA H6XL-A00-0-M SO3000
R928053937 10.2600LA H6XL-A00-0-V SO3000
R928017691 10.2600LA H6XL-A00-6-M SO3000
R928053489 10.2600LA H6XL-A00-6-V SO3000
R928037378 10.2600LA H6XL-A00-B6-M SO3000
R928045365 10.2600LA H6XL8-A00-0-M SO3000
R928047063 10.2600LA PWR1-A00-6-M SO3000
R928037731 10.2600LA PWR10-A00-0-M SO3000
R928017690 10.2600LA PWR10-A00-6-M SO3000
R928049487 10.2600LA PWR10-A00-6-M-0068
R928045353 10.2600LA PWR10-A00-6-V SO3000
R928048578 10.2600LA VS25-A00-6-M
R928019203 10.280LA H10XL-A00-6-M SO3000
R928054752 10.280LA H10XL-A00-B6-M SO3000
R928019204 10.280LA H20XL-A00-6-M SO3000
R928053384 10.280LA H3XL-A00-B6-M SO3000
R928019202 10.280LA H6XL-A00-6-M SO3000
R928019200 10.280LA PWR3-A00-6-M SO3000
R928041136 10.30 M10-A00-6-M
R928017429 10.30 PWR10-A00-6-M
R928022424 10.30LA G25-A00-6-M
R928051506 10.30LA G25-A00-6-M SO3000
R928017436 10.30LA H20XL-A00-6-M SO3000
R928017438 10.30LA H6XL-A00-6-M SO3000
R928031970 10.30LA P10-A00-6-M
R928019253 10.30LA P25-A00-6-M
R928017437 10.30LA PWR10-A00-6-M SO3000
R928053929 10.30LA PWR10-A00-6-V SO3000
R928017439 10.30LA PWR3-A00-6-M SO3000
R928041241 10.330 G10-A00-0-M
R928017534 10.330 G10-A00-6-M
R928017532 10.330 G25-A00-6-M
R928045355 10.330 G25-A00-6-V
R928022442 10.330 G40-A00-6-M
R928047025 10.330 G60-A00-6-V
R928017541 10.330 H20XL-A00-6-M
R928017543 10.330 H6XL-A00-6-M
R928017538 10.330 P10-A00-6-M
R928017537 10.330 P25-A00-6-M
R928017542 10.330 PWR10-A00-6-M
R928017544 10.330 PWR3-A00-6-M
R928053868 10.330LA AS10-A00-0-M SO3000
R928025903 10.330LA AS10-A00-6-M SO3000
R928025204 10.330LA AS20-A00-6-M SO3000
R928025902 10.330LA AS3-A00-6-M SO3000
R928022792 10.330LA G100-A00-6-M
R928045367 10.330LA G25-A00-0-M
R928017550 10.330LA G25-A00-6-M
R928045368 10.330LA G40-A00-0-M
R928022443 10.330LA G40-A00-6-M
R928017552 10.330LA H10XL-A00-6-M SO3000
R928017551 10.330LA H20XL-A00-6-M SO3000
R928048351 10.330LA H20XL-A00-6-V SO3000
R928040613 10.330LA H6XL-A00-0-M SO3000
R928017553 10.330LA H6XL-A00-6-M SO3000
R928019876 10.330LA H6XL-A00-6-V SO3000
R928053926 10.330LA H6XL-A00-B6-M SO3000
R928053340 10.330LA P10-A00-6-M
R928017549 10.330LA P25-A00-6-M
R928035471 10.330LA PWR10-A00-0-M SO3000
R928022719 10.330LA PWR10-A00-0-V SO3000
R928047409 10.330LA PWR10-A00-6-M-0050
R928022439 10.330LA PWR10-A00-6-V SO3000
R928035218 10.330LA PWR10-A00-B6-M SO3000
R928049093 10.330LA PWR3-A00-0-M SO3000
R928017554 10.330LA PWR3-A00-6-M SO3000
R928047655 10.330LA PWR3-A00-6-V SO3000
R928047521 10.500 G100-A00-6-M
R928017561 10.500 P10-A00-6-M
R928017560 10.500 P25-A00-6-M
R928044783 10.500LA AS3-A00-6-M SO3000
R928041911 10.500LA G100-A00-6-M
R928017573 10.500LA G25-A00-6-M
R928049567 10.500LA G40-A00-0-M
R928046985 10.500LA G40-A00-6-M
R928040741 10.500LA H20XL-A00-0-M SO3000
R928017574 10.500LA H20XL-A00-6-M SO3000
R928028943 10.500LA H20XL-A00-B6-M SO3000
R928017576 10.500LA H6XL-A00-6-M SO3000
R928053572 10.500LA P10-A00-6-M
R928053618 10.500LA P10-A00-6-V
R928017572 10.500LA P25-A00-6-M
R928017575 10.500LA PWR10-A00-6-M SO3000
R928028575 10.500LA PWR10-A00-B6-M SO3000
R928049826 10.500LA PWR10-A00-B6-M/WL
R928017577 10.500LA PWR3-A00-6-M SO3000
R928049362 10.500LA PWR3-A00-6-M/FP
R928017442 10.60 G10-A00-6-M
R928017440 10.60 G25-A00-6-M
R928045357 10.60 G40-A00-6-M
R928025377 10.60 G60-A00-6-M
R928017449 10.60 H20XL-A00-6-M
R928041549 10.60 M10-A00-6-M
R928017443 10.60 M5-A00-6-M
R928017446 10.60 P10-A00-6-M
R928017445 10.60 P25-A00-6-M
R928017447 10.60 P5-A00-6-M
R928017450 10.60 PWR10-A00-6-M
R928041991 10.60LA G100-A00-6-M
R928017458 10.60LA G25-A00-6-M
R928044850 10.60LA G40-A00-6-M
R928017460 10.60LA H10XL-A00-6-M SO3000
R928017459 10.60LA H20XL-A00-6-M SO3000
R928053933 10.60LA H20XL-A00-6-V SO3000
R928054359 10.60LA H6XL-A00-0-M SO3000
R928017461 10.60LA H6XL-A00-6-M SO3000
R928035369 10.60LA P10-A00-6-M
R928054339 10.60LA P25-A00-0-M
R928017457 10.60LA P25-A00-6-M
R928054347 10.60LA PWR10-A00-0-M SO3000
R928035490 10.60LA PWR10-A00-6-V SO3000
R928017462 10.60LA PWR3-A00-6-M SO3000
R928035491 10.60LA PWR3-A00-6-V SO3000
R928025220 10.615LA PWR10-A00-6-M
R928017580 10.660 G10-A00-6-M
R928047026 10.660 G100-A00-6-M
R928017578 10.660 G25-A00-6-M
R928034625 10.660 G40-A00-6-M
R928041508 10.660 G500-A00-6-M
R928017588 10.660 H10XL-A00-6-M
R928017587 10.660 H20XL-A00-6-M
R928017589 10.660 H6XL-A00-6-M
R928040667 10.660 M10-A00-6-M
R928017584 10.660 P10-A00-6-M
R928017583 10.660 P25-A00-6-M
R928017590 10.660 PWR3-A00-6-M
R928049249 10.660LA AS10-A00-0-M SO3000
R928049251 10.660LA AS3-A00-0-M SO3000
R928053865 10.660LA G100-A00-0-M
R928022446 10.660LA G100-A00-6-M
R928053588 10.660LA G100-A00-6-V
R928028779 10.660LA G25-A00-0-M
R928017596 10.660LA G25-A00-6-M
R928055215 10.660LA G25-A00-6-V
R928049619 10.660LA G40-A00-0-M
R928022974 10.660LA G40-A00-6-M
R928049133 10.660LA H10V3-A00-6-M SO3000
R928028416 10.660LA H10XL-A00-0-M SO3000
R928017598 10.660LA H10XL-A00-6-M SO3000
R928022445 10.660LA H10XL-A00-6-V SO3000
R928035111 10.660LA H20XL-A00-0-M SO3000
R928017597 10.660LA H20XL-A00-6-M SO3000
R928052488 10.660LA H20XL-A00-B6-M SO3000
R928036442 10.660LA H6XL-A00-0-M SO3000
R928017599 10.660LA H6XL-A00-6-M SO3000
R928025772 10.660LA H6XL-A00-6-V SO3000
R928044691 10.660LA P10-A00-6-M
R928017595 10.660LA P25-A00-6-M
R928041252 10.660LA PWR10-A00-B6-M SO3000
R928035895 10.660LA PWR3-A00-0-M SO3000
R928017600 10.660LA PWR3-A00-6-M SO3000
R928019036 10.75LA H20XL-A00-6-M SO3000
R928019190 10.75LA H6XL-A00-6-M SO3000
R928028018 10.75LA P10-A00-6-M
R928019037 10.75LA PWR10-A00-6-M SO3000
R928019188 10.75LA PWR3-A00-6-M SO3000
R928041405 10.850 G100-A00-6-M
R928017601 10.850 G25-A00-6-M
R928019879 10.850 G40-A00-6-M
R928017610 10.850 H20XL-A00-6-M
R928017607 10.850 P10-A00-6-M
R928017611 10.850 PWR10-A00-6-M
R928022893 10.850LA AS3-A00-6-M SO3000
R928040971 10.850LA G100-A00-6-M
R928041069 10.850LA G100-A00-6-V
R928054571 10.850LA G25-A00-0-M
R928017619 10.850LA G25-A00-6-M
R928045359 10.850LA G40-A00-6-M
R928053598 10.850LA G60-A00-6-M
R928022615 10.850LA H10XL-A00-0-M SO3000
R928017621 10.850LA H10XL-A00-6-M SO3000
R928041509 10.850LA H10XL-A00-6-V SO3000
R928048679 10.850LA H10XL-A00-B6-M SO3000
R928053871 10.850LA H20XL-A00-0-M SO3000
R928017620 10.850LA H20XL-A00-6-M SO3000
R928017622 10.850LA H6XL-A00-6-M SO3000
R928049596 10.850LA PWR3-A00-0-M SO3000
R928017623 10.850LA PWR3-A00-6-M SO3000
R928017624 10.950 G25-A00-6-M
R928017630 10.950 P10-A00-6-M
R928017629 10.950 P25-A00-6-M
R928017634 10.950 PWR10-A00-6-M
R928048863 10.950LA G100-A00-6-M
R928017642 10.950LA G25-A00-6-M
R928037040 10.950LA G40-A00-6-M
R928017643 10.950LA H20XL-A00-6-M SO3000
R928048352 10.950LA H20XL-A00-6-V SO3000
R928054757 10.950LA H3XL-A00-B6-M SO3000
R928017645 10.950LA H6XL-A00-6-M SO3000
R928054379 10.950LA H6XL-A00-6-V SO3000
R928017644 10.950LA PWR10-A00-6-M SO3000
R928048393 10.950LA PWR10-A00-6-V SO3000
R928037884 10.950LA PWR10-A00-B6-M SO3000
R928035451 10.950LA PWR3-A00-0-M SO3000
R928017646 10.950LA PWR3-A00-6-M SO3000
R928022718 10.950LA PWR3-A00-6-V SO3000
R928037273 10.E950LA G25-A00-0-M